Planetarium Building

With 10.7 metre in diameter, the Planetarium is a colorspace 4K theatre which hosts entertaining and educational shows related to our planet and space, the Solar System and the whole Universe. It will be featuring shows about; the Earth and the Moon, the planets and the whole solar system, adventures in space, and also life here on Earth. Shows are for a wide variety of audiences ranging from 4 years and upwards. The Planetarium building also hosts a Universe exhibition of 13 interactive exhibits incorporating concepts related to the solar system, extra-terrestrial life, the International Space Station, and life in space amongst others.


The Universe exhibition is situated in the Planetarium building: a separate building situated next to the actual entrance of the planetarium. Visitors to the planetarium will pass through the exhibition before entering the planetarium. The focus will be on two particular themes: Cosmos and Life in Space.

In Cosmos visitors will enjoy looking into diverse aspects of our universe and explore phenomena like the Big Bang, Dark Matter, What is a star? and other interesting topics on the universe and phenomena occurring within it.

For Life in Space, visitors can explore the three small rooms evoking the spaces on top of the ISS where eating, washing and sleeping occurs. The visitor can enter these rooms/compartments and see how astronauts carry out their day-to-day necessities.

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february, 2018

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