Esplora Map

This Map shows an overview of the site that is soon opening as Esplora – Malta’s National Science Centre.

Main Exhibition Building Information

Esplora features approximately 200 interactive and educational exhibits about various scientific topics. These exhibits show how science is relevant to our daily lives and give an insight of how things actually work.

Planetarium Information

With 10.7 metre in diameter, the Planetarium is a colorspace 4K theatre which hosts entertaining and educational shows related to our planet and space, the Solar System and the whole Universe.

Activity Centre Information

The Activity Centre is set up in its own building with two floors where visitors can experience science through hands-on activities, theatre, art and music.

Cot Lift Information

The Villa Bighi complex has a rich and colourful history. This exhibition will tell some of its stories through the people and objects that have been part of its past.

Outdoor Experience Information

Apart from the exhibits in the main exhibition halls, Esplora also offers an outdoor experience for both kids and adults. These areas include; a playscape for our younger visitors, a picnic area, an amphitheatre, and a botanical garden amongst others.

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